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Who are they?  Will it be weird? How do you choose?

All your research is done.  You’re ready to do a crewed yacht charter this year – yes!
What about the yacht crew?  How does that work?  What’s it like?

You and your Crew onboard.

One of the easiest ways of explaining the dynamic between you and your crew would be – whatever you want that to be.
They are your hosts and will be your personal guides and chef for the week.
They will ensure your safety for the duration of the trip.

But they are SO much more than just that!

All of you will be co-existing in the same area (more or less), however the amount of interaction is completely up to you.

The magic that is the preference sheet.

A preference sheet is filled out by you before the charter.
This is basically a high level introduction of you and your people to the crew and allows you to express yourself on any expectations or hopes you have for the trip.
Don’t worry, it’s not in essay form.
It’s just a guided tour of your likes, dislikes and whatnot so the crew can make sure you have the best time possible.

Armed with this preference sheet the crew can now set the tone for week.
– Whether you want peace and quiet or to break out in a Bon Jovi air guitar frenzy, the crew will prepare accordingly.
– Someone’s got a shell allergy and there’s a vegan onboard but everyone else will eat everything, the crew will create a menu that suits  all your needs.
– It’s Uncle Bob’s birthday and you want to do a little something for that onboard, talk to the crew they can make it happen.

The most important thing is to be completely honest.
Everything is mapped out and provisioned for the entire week beforehand and there really isn’t any stopping in to get something along the way. This is the islands my friends!
So if someone only eats chicken nuggets and fries, please be sure to put that on the preference sheet.
You’re not being a bother.
Let the Crew know!

The Yacht Crew, where’s the cape?

Yacht Crews are like those neighbors you love hanging out with but more dynamic, energetic and tanned lol.
I think of them as super heroes. Not even joking.

They are thrilled to be the ones to show you around for the week.  They put every ounce of energy into making it look like everything just flows.
Maybe it’s a fruit platter that’s presented after a hard morning snorkel or perhaps a mooring field was full, so an equally wonderful alternative needed to happen on the fly. They know how to handle it.
There are many variables that arise when you put the human factor together with nature, and no one better to navigate this than your Crew.

Who are they?

Whether they are in their 20’s or in their 50’s Yacht Crews have lived a life that most of us only see in the movies.
They’ve been in corporate life, lawyers, administrators, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs.
Everyone came from somewhere else, they were trades people or chefs, while others grew up around water and sailing their whole life.
Yacht crews have this in common – they have all experienced the ocean at it’s best and it’s worst.
They are a community of seasoned, capable sailors that support one another completely.
Honestly great people be around.

Most important thing you need to know about your crew.

In devoting a portion of their life (the week) Yacht Crew strive to ensure this vacation is everything you imagined it would be.
They work tirelessly for up to 6 month spans of time with little downtime for themselves or contact with loved ones.
They love what they do and you can tell.
This is the one of the hardest jobs you can do but it is also one of the most rewarding.  That’s why they do it.

Don’t worry so much about what it will be like to live with strangers in such close quarters for the week.
Yacht Crew have an innate ability to adjust to any dynamic or group of people.
In our experience, all those who came aboard strangers, left as friends and continue to be great friends.


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