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Yacht chartering is the unicorn of vacation ideas.

Picture yourself on vacation, lying on a beach. You look out over the water and in the distance, you see sailboats anchored out.
That would make a great Instagram photo for sure #vacation.
Wait a minute!  Why aren’t you the one on the yacht looking back at the beach?

Why haven’t I heard about this vacation before?

The most honest answer is, you’ve probably never considered it as a vacation option and you wouldn’t be alone in that.
Crewed yacht charters are not advertised in the usual places we seek vacation inspiration.
The online agencies that deliver package vacation options to sunny destinations right to your email every week? You know the ones, like Travelocity, Travel Zoo, Expedia, and Sunquest, don’t include yacht charter packages.
Nope they don’t.

What about the Saturday travel section in your local paper, that’s always good for some inspiration.  Let’s see, Cuba, Mexico, Norwegian Cruise lines…
Nope no Charter Vacation there either.

It’s almost like it’s a secret?


There’s no reason that couldn’t be you out there, jumping off the back of the yacht, snorkeling into the beach, or lying on the trampoline in the sun.
Let’s look into this a bit shall we?

Chartering a yacht is made up of these things.

The Crew

Your hosts for the week, knowledgeable in the areas, and prepared to serve you delicious meals crafted from your preferences.  The crew’s goal is make sure you only stop smiling when your having your afternoon siesta (you might smile through that too).

The Yacht

Your accommodations and home base for a week.  A spot for all your stuff as you cruise the islands so no packing and unpacking – bonus!
A spot on the yacht for everyone to do their thing yet keeping you all together.
There’s the front trampoline to stretch out and enjoy the sun and warm breeze, than you have the shade of the cockpit out back to play games, nap, or read and of course there’s your cabin and the main salon inside.
Water toys, kayaks, paddle boards, noodles, and floaty islands at your disposal – no line ups, sign ups or aggravation.
All for you.
So leave your towel on the line because there will be no seat reserving here.
On a yacht you ALWAYS have a front row seat to the ocean.

The Destination

No matter where you decide to go, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Greece, Croatia, your yacht will optimize your sight seeing experience 100-fold!
Unlike a hotel vacation, a crewed yacht charter is fluid.  You move from island to island.
The Captain will sit down with you and plan the itinerary as you go.

map-of-bvi-one-week itinerary

You might fall in love with one spot and not want to leave which is fine because you know what – it’s your yacht for the week.
My advice is to keep moving.
As great as the place you’re at is, tomorrow’s island is possibly better so don’t miss out on anything!

The Pace

You set the pace.  The beauty of it is that everyone on vacation with you can also set their own pace without effecting anyone else.
– get up early, swim in and beach-comb.
– sleep in, have your coffee and take in the atmosphere.
– read a book


– suntan
– go paddle boarding /  snorkeling
– stay up late and listen to music
– watch a movie inside
– play a board game / cards

Everyone can do their own thing and still be together.
Biggest misconception about chartering a yacht is the fear of being in each other’s faces all week long.
Not true! Do what you want, when you want.

There you have it, a high level introduction to a vacation option you never even knew you had – crewed yacht charters!
That sailboat anchored out there in the ocean could definitely be you and your people.

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