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Moments like this are too far and few in between.

The holidays are a great reminder of how special time with friends and family is.
More importantly, uninterrupted time.

Lining up everyone to be together in the same place at the same time is logistically up there with aligning the stars and the moon.
Way too many moving parts.
Everyone’s doing their own thing and that’s exactly the way it SHOULD be but…it’s tough to coordinate.
And no one is getting any younger.

Make Time to Reconnect

A yacht charter is the only vacation that provides an entire week of unadulterated exploration and adventure with your loved ones uninterrupted by…life.


Life as in social media, Netflix, TV, social engagements, work, space and time.
The clear blue waters with colorful fish and warm sand beaches become your distractions – collectively.

Play Where You Stay

Catamarans have a very shallow draft, 4 ½ feet.
This allows you to play where you stay being within swimming distance to virtually every beach.


No need to be Aqua Man to make the trip, grab a noodle, paddle board and enjoy the refreshing swim in.

Don’t Feel Like Swimming?

The tender (dinghy) is also an option.
The Crew can take you ashore or you can just toodle around exploring the immediate coves in your anchorage.


Swimming is optional (and fun) but not necessary.

Relax, Feel the Sun

Sailing provides the perfect atmosphere to being present.
No need to figure out what to make for lunch or where to go.
No reservations to make.
Just some quiet time to reflect, take in the sound of the wind in the sail, feel the sun and relax completely.


Relax together.  These are rare and precious moments.

Quality Time Together

Honestly, it’s the most beautiful thing to experience.
Since you’re all together you get a chance for some real face time.
It’s when conversations happen.

Adventures are shared.

The silliness begins and the laughter starts.

This is Yacht Chartering and it’s available anywhere in the world, all year long.

Let one of the many sailing vacations available be the back drop to your next getaway from reality.

Where Can You Go?

Check out some options in these destinations and reach out with any questions, that’s what we’re here for.

BahamasBritish Virgin IslandsGreeceThailandSeychelles

Want to see more choices?  Search Yachts
Want to learn more about what yacht chartering is like?  Let’s Go

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