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So simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it.

There you sit, googling ‘unique gifts for [insert age] [relation to you].
Stop right there.
There’s too many choices and too many marketing angles clouding your judgment to even come close to a solution.
Slippers with speakers? Spiderman Snuggie? Bacon Alarm Clock?
No, no, well maybe?
The Bacon Alarm Clock does sound intriguing, but your vegetarian people are definitely going to get aggravated with it.
Gift selection can make the most stable of personalities feel offside.
The longer you concentrate on it the more overwhelming it gets.
This leads to the ultimate gift selection faux pas – Last Minute Shopping!

Van Halen said it best – Everybody wants some…

In this case the answer is TIME.
Everybody wants some TIME, you probably want some too!

You may be saying to yourself ‘Great, how exactly does someone make that a gift?’
It’s totally doable.
It involves no malls, line ups or parking rage.

Try these 4 easy steps.

This this very large and involved task demands a TON of time to undertake.
When you take these tasks off someone’s hands, even for one day, you free up time.
That person can now chill out, wax a car, read a book, watch a movie, stare at the ceiling – whatever!
This is something they wouldn’t normally do for themselves (because everyone would starve).
You know they love doing it.
They love you after all, but some free time to love themselves is enough to evoke tears.
Nice job. You made them cry.
Don’t worry They’ll recover and hug your face for it, guaranteed.

Same as the cooking.
Your place doesn’t look like that because YOU clean it does it?
Let’s just say you ARE the main cleaning person, wouldn’t you appreciate a break from the grind without having to ASK someone?  Again, it’s the little things that mean a lot.
This is a gift giving home run 100%.

Kids demand a lot of time and energy.
They need to be kept active or they start to turn on each other or worse, turn on you!
There’s no off switch for the little buggers.
They need to be ‘doing’ all the time because that’s their job.
Sitting them in front of a TV or iPad just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.
So offer up some activity or event to give said parent a wee breather.
This will rejuvenate the parent and allow them to see their kiddies with a fresh new energy, and the kids will have fun too.
Win Win!

What do you want to do tonight?
I don’t know, what do you want to do?
This conversation happens for meals, nights out, weekends, Netflix, and all of life it seems.
Give the idea person a break.
It’s a lot when you have to come up with all the ideas, burn out comes in the form of indecision.
So grab the reigns and take charge.
Surprise them with a well thought out plan when they least expect it.
It will be very welcome and a nice change.

These 4 easy time related gift ideas will warm the hearts of your loved ones way more than any Spiderman Snuggie ever could!
Let’s go one step further.

What if you could have all of this for one entire week?

1.  All the meals prepared to your preferences, every day – ALL of them!

2.  No housework, zero, zilch, nada

3.  See a different island every day and tons of activities and water toys just for you.

4.  Itineraries and all the must see’s and experiences along the way are yours for the taking.  Just pick your vacation vibe (relaxation, active, hybrid).  You don’t have to Google anything unless you want too!

This is yacht chartering.
So what do you do with all your newly found free time?

Hmmm, I’m sure you’ll find some way to fill your days.

There’s a reason they call it the best vacation EVER!
So go on hit everyone on your list in one shot with the gift of a crewed yacht charter and be the best gift giver EVER.
Time is precious and you’re all worth it!

Ready to pick your vacation?  Search Yachts
What islands can you see? Sample Itinerary
Want to learn more about what yacht chartering is like?  Let’s Go

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