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Why choose a yacht charter vacation? Are we ALWAYS on the boat?
Will we get bored?
Find out here…

What's so great about a crewed yacht charter?
There are too many reasons to list but consider this, a crewed yacht charter allows you to please everyone from kids to adults all in one shot while spending time together.
Everyone gets a break.
No one has to cook, clean, make reservations, plan activities.
Everything is taken care of and custom crafted to suit you and your crew!
That’s pretty great!
Ready to look at options?
What's a yacht charter vacation like?
A yacht charter vacation is fluid, it moves.
Every morning, usually after breakfast, your Captain will take you to the next amazing island where all you have to do is jump off the back of the boat to check out the next cool snorkel spot!
Hang out and explore till tomorrow…or not.
Remember, this is YOUR vacation.
If you want to stay put where you are cause you love love it – you can!
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Let's talk about food...
If you go with the Full Board option everything is included!
All your meals, snacks and appetizers as well as wine with dinner, cocktails, standard ship bar, beer, juice, sodas, all included!
Unlike your traditional All-Inclusive Resort, the meal’s on board are custom designed to fit your crews preferences ahead of your trip.
Imagine an entire week of delicous home made meals rivalling if not surpassing most 5 star restaurants.
Perhaps the greatest value here is the time together around the table, looking out at paradise and talking about the days adventures- there’s a lot of laughter here.
Sound delicious?  Time to book your carefree vacation.
Are there different packages/options to choose from?
A yacht charter vacation can range anywhere from $8,000 USD and up depending wholly on the package that suits your needs.
You want everything taken care of – no problem choose the ful board option!
You’d rather handle the food yourself and just get the Captain – also no problem choose the Captain only option!
Want a little bit of both – you can have that too ask for the half board option!
Show me some yachts!
Boredom in paradise?
Not unless that’s what you want!  Which is what some people crave on vacation – chill time with no schedule but there’s many options available to you!
Floaty islands and water toys are always on hand, snorkelling, tubing, wakeboarding or floating around doing nothing in the crystal clear water are all a great way to have fun and stay cool.
Hiking and island exploration is everywhere you go so bring your sneakers if that’s your jam.
Typically excursions are the hidden expense you have to account for on an All-Inclusive trip.
Not on a crewed yacht charter!
Your knowledgeable Crew is happy to show you around on shore or around the island with the dinghy.
Beachcomb the day away and stay hydrated with the odd local beach bar.
And the beauty about all these options is that everyone can do their own thing at the same time!
So no, you won’t be bored 🙂
Your vacation awaits!
Is this a suitable vacation for a family with children?
There’s a shocking fact that we all know but don’t necessarily acknowledge.
‘Time is precious’.
A crewed yacht charter is one of the few opportunities left to reconnect with your family.
No outside distractions, no parties to attend, no friends dropping by, no TV gets you the best kind of facetime with your kids.
Every days adventure brings you closer together creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Your time is valuable, create unforgettable moments with a crewed yacht charter.
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Trip Insurance
Trip Insurance and Medical Insurance is one way to take the worry about any ‘what ifs’ that might arise.  You’ve worked hard and earned this getaway so why not protect your investment?
If you’re traveling during hurricane season (June 1st to November 30th) it may be a requirement.
No matter when you’re traveling, set some time aside and look at your trip insurance options.
Here some options to get you rolling:  Insure My Trip  Travel Guard,  Ingle Insurance  RBC
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Do I Need a Visa?
If you are a US or Canadian citizen you do not require a VISA for the British Virgin Islands a passport will do.  If your citizenship is something other than US or Canada check here for a list of countries requiring visas for BVI entry.
For all other destination visa requirements contact your local embassy for more info.
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What is an APA?


Advance Provisioning Allowance (A.P.A.) in amount of the charter fee (before discount) is to be paid by the Client in addition to the charter fee which includes all fuel and relevant costs for the yacht and its tenders, as well as all harbor, customs, utility and other additional costs for the yacht, crew, client and guests during the entire charter period.

A.P.A. usually ranges from 25 % – 35% of the charter price. The Client will be advised by the captain, at intervals, as to the disbursement of the A.P.A and will, if the balance remaining becomes insufficient, in light of current expenditure, pay to the captain, a sufficient sum to maintain an adequate credit balance.
Prior to disembarkation at the end of the charter period, the captain shall present to the Client a detailed account of expenditures with as many supporting receipts as possible, and the Client will pay to the captain the balance of the expenses or the captain will repay to the Client any balance overpaid, as the case may be.
Payment for special requirements or equipment and/or shore transport and/or excursions and/or all other expenses not customarily considered part of the Yacht’s costs may be required to be paid to the captain on board in addition to the charter fee and/or A.P.A.

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