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You need to start packing. What to bring, what to bring…

It’s time to get out of dodge.  Goodbye work and adulting.  Hello sailing vacation.
Hmmmm what to pack…hmmmm what to pack it all in?

The best packing method – tried and true.

This ONLY applies to you if you’re heading to a sunny and warm destination.
If you’re headed to Alaska or Canada (in the winter) stop reading right here.
Everything I’m about to say does not apply to you – sorry.

Take everything you think you need for the week and lay it out where you can see it.

Now out of those items, pile up the items listed below:
 Three or four shirts and a couple of long sleeves.
 Three or four shorts or dresses
 Three or four swim suits
 Beach cover-ups / sunglasses – the Caribbean sun can be deceptive. Don’t get burned!
 Flip flops (sneakers or water shoes if you are planning on doing some of the beautiful hikes ashore)
 Camera and charger. Memory stick (8GB) Ask if there’s a GoPro onboard, if so, your crew will be able to transfer your unforgettable moments onto the stick.
 Hat
 Hair Conditioner. Your yacht will most likely have body wash and shampoo.
 Hair Dryer. Trust me – you won’t need it but if it’s important to you bring it along.
 Seasickness remedies, if anyone in your party is prone to this ailment.
 Credit cards, cash ATMs are available but not always reliable, and most establishments take Visa or MasterCard (some
take AMEX), but cash is still king.
 Passports – a requirement by BVI Customs and Immigration.

Everything else you can put away, shove under the bed whatever!  You’re done.

You are going to spend every day in your bathing suit and t-shirt anyways – seriously!
In fact, the majority of restaurants & bars have no dress code with shorts & t-shirts being welcome everywhere.
All of the other items listed are there if an occasion arises.

IMPORTANT – Your Luggage

Travel lightly, storage onboard is limited.
Find yourself a soft-sided duffel bag that stows easily, instead of hard luggage, and can be carried on, so the airlines will not lose your luggage and you won’t be tripping over it in your cabin.

Here is your luggage solution –  BIAGGI Zipsack

This bag is absolutely PERFECT for a sailing vacation.

It’s great for any kind of vacation really.  I have traveled all over the Caribbean, and Europe as well as Morocco with this bag and plan on taking it anywhere I travel in the future.
It stores away into a teeny tiny square when emptied (cellphone on top for size comparison):
It doesn’t take an engineer to assemble, it literally unzips and pops out:
It’s square so when you place your full Biaggi on the ground it doesn’t topple over.

The zipper’s allow easy access to your contents.

Your laptop sits in it’s own compartment inside and is easily accessible when it’s Security time at the airport.
When you’re finished, the Biaggi slides right back into it’s spot without having to rearrange your whole life.

You will love this bag!

Be like Oprah and get everyone around you a Biaggi!
You get a Biaggi, and you get a Biaggi – EVERYONE gets a Biaggi!

Now with your packing list done we can go back to our regular daydreaming program of warm water, cold beverages and hot sun.

Haven’t picked a Yacht yet?  Let’s go have a look!

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