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Let’s talk about the BVI vacation

BVI (British Virgin Islands) is completely unknown to some people.
Not really advertised as a destination anywhere, they are located right next to Puerto Rico but do you ever hear about them, no.

Let’s do the Blue Marble vacation spotlight on this gem.
No history, population GDP blah blah blah, only the good vacationey stuff.
Is vacationey an actual word hmmm no but it should be cause you all know what I mean by vacationey don’t you!

Is it BVI or BVI’s – Beach or Beaches?

When / if you hear people talk about the British Virgin Islands it can be confusing.
Some people say ‘Let’s go to the BVI’s’.
Others lean towards ‘Lets go to BVI’.

In Toronto’s (Canada) east end there’s a neighbourhood people live in that has a boardwalk on the water.
City living at the beach, it’s a great spot. You see they have the SAME problem.
Some people call it the Beach, other’s insist it’s the Beaches.
It’s an actual debate.

Let’s dispel this issue right now.
It’s BVI’s for the British Virgin Islands because it’s not just one place.

Beaches for Toronto…even though it is one place.
And that’s where the theory falls apart so please, call ‘em whatever you want.
Po-tay-toe Po-tah-toe (insert eye roll).

It’s the journey (sailing), not the destination (BVI)

The confusion happens when you have no idea where these places are.
A charter yacht vacation in the British Virgin Islands isn’t about going to BVI.
It’s about the experience of sailing in protected, calm waters from one beautiful island to another.
You need a boat to do this.
A boat with a Captain.


To really see the British Virgin Islands the way they were meant to be seen, you definitely need a crewed yacht or your Captain’s license!

BVI Sailing Grounds


Your sailing itinerary will take you through the Sir Francis Drake Channel up to Anegada (which is in the red box) and around the top side of Tortola than over to Jost Van Dyke.
You might tackle this clockwise too – there’s no rules here people. Trust in thy captain!

Here’s the cool thing, this whole sailing territory is loaded with great anchorages on each island.
Each island has a ‘must-see’. Some islands have a lot of them.
Take for example Norman Island.
Norman Island’s ‘must-sees’ are the Indians and the caves for snorkeling.

Norman’s also has Pirate’s Bight for a nice meal or if you feel like getting wild theres Willy T’s the party barge.
Go ahead jump off the top deck.
That’s worth a temporary tattoo and a high five all day long!

You come in on your yacht, tour around, spend the night and move on to the next spot.

Oh the places you will go!

Without going too far down the itinerary rabbit hole (every Captain has their own route and secret anchorages), it’s possible to visit up to 5 islands if not more on your week’s trip.
Some islands are a ‘let’s have lunch here’ stop but not an overnight spot.
All the islands are pretty close to one another so this is very doable.
It’s quite shocking the amount of real estate you can cover in such a short amount of time.
And you still won’t see everything.

Want to see more of BVI?

What generally happens is people do the hot spot, must see itinerary on their first go around.
Sometimes they come back to revisit their favorites, other times they ask for a whole new plan.

Lot’s to see here and finding a spot you love and staying for 2 nights is totally up to you.
The best advice here is to keep going on your visit.  You may immediately fall in love with a spot on day 1.
Keep going.
It just gets better.

Consider it the most awesome vacation sampler EVER.
Would you go to a new craft brewery and commit to one beer?
Of course not.
That’s what the flights are for, sample everything, than make decisions based on that.

Not sure still?  Order more samples!

Live large.

A crewed yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands offers a vacation that is like no other.
See the islands from your yacht, experience them each ashore on your own time.
This is your BVI tropical sampler – cheers!

Want to look at options? SEARCH YACHTS
Show me a deal. – LET’S GO
How does this whole thing work?  Charter Yacht 101

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