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Recognizing a moment as special is important, stopping to enjoy that moment is EVERYTHING!
On a yacht charter there are so many A-HA and WOW moments it’s sometimes hard to let them sink in.
It’s overwhelming really. Around day 2 or 3 people start realizing this and than something amazing happens – they leave their phone in their cabin. Just like that.
That’s when the vacation really takes on a new chill vibe.

When you are receptive to your surroundings amazing things start to happen.

This is when you see a turtle’s head pop out of the water beside the boat, watch a pelican dive for it’s lunch or start a random yet deep conversation with the person your sitting with.

This is when you notice how clear the water is and really feel the warm breeze.

Now your fully in the moment.

You don’t have to be in an exotic location, everyday life offers up plenty of random pivotal moments of wonder.
Be present today.
Be present every day, wherever you are.
Don’t let those moments get by you, those moments are your life.

Interested in what a charter yacht vacation is about?
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